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This cave become popular and busy since 3 years ago.
It become crowded in weekend or holiday.
So many young local people visiting this place and the number increasing every year.

You visiting exotic place with nice view, beautiful water color, horizontal cave.
Close to the cave you will found rice field and river.

If you like outdoor exercise, you might love this place.
You will doing body rafting, caving and body rafting at river.
If you need more challenge and had a lot of courage, you can try to jump from the bridge or rock.

This place are close to beautiful UNMAINSTREAM place. Such as, KALISUCI BODY RAFTING, JOMBLANG CAVE, SRI GETHUK WATERFALL etc. It just only one way to the site. So, you spend your time effectively to visit these place.

The way to the cave:


Pindul Cave is a cave formed by karst with underground river located concerning 7 kilometer south of the city center Wonosari, Gunung Kidul. Wading throughout a river using cano/kayak is something common, yet if the stream is located inside a cave, of course it will be a satisfying yet difficult encounter.

Pindul is a cave that becomes part of the team of seven caves with underground river streaming within. It lies in a village called Bejiharjo, Karangmojo as well as it provides the actual feeling of journey. For trip 45 to 60 minutes, site visitors will certainly be welcomed to accompany the river in the darkness of the bowels of the planet with 300 meters size using lifebelt. This is a task integrating physical body rafting and also caving, and later called cave tubes.

The way to the cave:

No special prep work should do cave tubing in Pindul cave. We just require lifebelt, life vest, as well as headlamp, and those devices have actually been generated by the organizer. The still water circulation makes it except for everyone, not only adults however additionally children. The most effective time to do cave tubes remains in the morning at regarding 9 or 10a. m given that the water will not be too cold. In addition, if the climate is clear, at that time we may see the light bulb from heaven which is actually the sunshine from above that undergoes the large gap on the top of the cave.

Bats and roof of the cave:

While delighting in the smooth wipes on the cold water on our skin in the center of the cave with much less light, the guide told a story of the business Pindul. Based upon the tale thought by the native individuals as well as passed on orally from generation to the various other, the name of Pindul cave and also the other caves in Bejiharjo could possibly not be divided from the story of Joko Singlulung’s journey to find his daddy. After exploring the dense woodlands, mountains, as well as streams, Joko Singlulung got involved in the give in Bejiharjo. When he got into among the cave, he bent the rock, to make sure that the area was called Pindul as the short type of pipi gebendul in Javanese language.

Besides informing us regarding the tale of the name of Pindul cave, the quick guide likewise informed us about some beautiful ornament that we find in the task, such as crystal, moonmilk, stalactites, and also stalagmites. A significant column developed from the sign up with procedure in between the stalactite and also stalagmite which were thousands years of ages will welcome in front of us. On some parts of the top of the cave, we can see natural photo as development of bats living there. On the other hand, in the center of the cave was a place resembles vast pool where visitors typically take a remainder, swim, and hop from above