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Kalibiru Tourism Village in Manoreh Hill - Kulonprogo - Yogyakarta

Welcome to Kalibiru Tourism Village (Desa Wisata Kalibiru)

Kalibiru is a natural tourism village in the Manoreh hills with the height of 450 meters above sea level. It is located in the Hagrowilis village, Kokap subdistrict, Kulon Progo Regency of Yogyakarta. The distance of Kalibiru village from the center of Yogyakarta is approximately 40 kilometers or only within approximately 10 kilometers from Wates, the capital of Kulon Progo Regency. This tourism village has a very beautiful natural panorama with a very wide expanse of hills. In addition to having a beautiful panorama, people in Kalibiru tourism village is friendly, polite, and fully sense of kinship and mutual cooperation. This is also the main attraction of Kalibiru tourism village.


Kalibiru Tourism Village is suitable for those who want to a challenge adventure. The village presents a beautiful natural scenery and the atmosphere is very cool, suitable for tracking activities. You can take various paths, ranging from 1.5 kilometers, 3 kilometers, 5 kilometers, up to 7 kilometers, the longest path. Throughout this journey, you can see all kinds of rare animals such as hedgehogs, Javan eagles, even panthers. When arriving at the top, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Waduk Sremo, Kulonprogro town exactly Wates City from the upper site as well as Yogyakarta city. In this place, there are also four view towers which are ready to pamper your eyes to enjoy the vast expanse of beautiful views.


In addition to viewing tower, many activities that you can do here, at the top of the hills there are also flying fox. For those of you who dare to try, the manager provide the path with two choices, 50 meters and 85 meters tracks. In this beautiful village you can also doing outbound, training, rural tourism, cultural tourism, therapies and many more.


Kalibiru Tourism Village was firstly opened in 2008 by the local community in mutual cooperation. It was started to make footpaths then the construction of various facilities such as cottages, meeting place, toilet facilities, substations of view, and flying fox with complete facilities. Kalibiru Tourism village now already visited by local and foreign tourist .