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Timang Beach is located in the south of Java, between   Sundak  and Siung beaches, in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. It  is often considered as  a virgin beach , because not many tourists  come to visit. To reach this place, you still have to go through dirt roads and also pass through some small villages. If you want to visit this beach, it is advisable to use a motorcycle or a 4 wheel drive car, because  you have to pass 5 miles off road terrain which  is up and down. 
Timang Beach is quite  unique even strange  compared to  other beaches. In addition to  extreme waves and  coral , the   white sandy beach is also facing some  rocks standing  in the middle of the sea.  A  simple cable car is used to cross over to the rocks.  Local people  built  it   originally to make it easier to reach the rock, where  lobsters  of good quality are found. But later  it is also used for anyone who wants to catch fish or  birds there.

Timang  Beach is actually made up of two parts, namely the beach with white sand on the east, and the other is adjacent to a small coral island  commonly called batu panjang or long stone or or simply Panjang   Island. To cross from the mainland  to the island  people use the so called  "cable car"  which   is  actually only  a 200-meter long rope rails, with a hanging   chair  made of wood. Initially it  was just used to catch fish in  Panjang island  but lately it is often used by travelers to test  adrenaline. It is because  underneath  there  are  sharp rocks  with the pounding of quite big waves.  In addition,  when you are in the cable  car, you would feel  as if the southern sea waves can  reach your body swaying in a height of 50 meters above sea level. But if you've managed to conquer it, you will feel the satisfaction that cannot be described with words. Indeed, when you ride the cable car, there is no guarantee of your safety. Here there is no life jacket provided neither a special rescue team. It is   even  far from any medical services. 

Another attraction is the beautiful view  on the left and right sides of the road to Timang beach. Since  the location is rather protruded  to the sea you  can enjoy the beauty of the sunrise and sunset there. It takes approximately 3hours from Yogyakarta to get to Timang beach. So, if you happen to be of  an adventurous spirit, and love to  you’re your adrenaline.  Timang beach annd Panjang island  can be your right choice for a holiday.